Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Going to Grandmas

Yesterday i went to my ah-mas (taiwanese grandmas) house. It was around 10:00. when me my brother and my mom got there they made me and my brother honey bread. mom had to teach around that time then we watched the 1st jurassic park movie about a family who discovers how to make a dinosaur using frog dna but some dinosaurs attack them during the night and they manage to escape the park.

After the movie was over i played the wii  and did wii sports and i did tennis by myself. [Usaully i play wii sports with my brother but he was on his i-pod.] then after i did that mom came to pick me and my brother up but we stayed there longer because we couldn't find the internet password and she had to help. Usaully we know it but when we put it in it said it was wrong. We stayed there for another half hour and mom made a 20 minute call. In the mean time i played more wii sports and played baseball this  time. Finally we could leave my grandmas house.


SLR said...

It sounds like you had a busy day at your ah-ma's house. The honey bread sounds delicious. Every time I read your blog I get hungry!
I remember when I first watched the first Jurassic Park movie, it was scary. Do you think it is scary? How else do you feel when you watch Jurassic Park (excited, entertained, happy, worried, etc.)?
I like playing wii tennis by myself too. I also like wii bowling.
It also sounds like you experienced some life challenges--losing the internet password and being patient! Your day at ah-ma's house seems like it was good practice for growing up. How exciting, even if it seems boring sometimes to wait.
Does your ah-ma live close to you or far away?

Lisa Chiu said...

very happy no i didn't think they were scary close