Saturday, March 28, 2015

Eating bagels

today i ate bagels with jelly on it.
my mom bought the bagels at d and r bagels new location.
at 1st i thought the bagels would be terrible.
to be exact i ate 1cinnamon raison and a blueberry. the cinnamon 1 had strawberry jam on it and the blueberry had grape jam on it . i ate 1 half of the cinnamon in the car and ate the 2nd half and the blueberry bagel at home. now i think d and r bagels bagels are really good.  


SLR said...

Wow that all sounds delicious! Maybe tomorrow I will get a bagel. My favorite bagel is called an "everything" bagel because it has seeds and spices sprinkled on the top. My favorite spread is veggie cream cheese. I also like butter! Maybe I will try a cinnamon bagel from D and R Bagels, I have never been there.

Latha Poonamallee said...

Your post made me hungry! I don't eat bagels anymore because I try to avoid wheat. But toasted whole wheat bagels with cream cheese is a top favorite.

Lisa Chiu said...

yes d and r bagels bagels are REALY GOOD.
- Nolan.