Saturday, April 18, 2015

Idiot brother

Last night i had a moment where i was scared to death by my brother. The story starts off with me asking my mom if i could blog. she said i could after i got in pajamas. I said no and said why. Then i got mad at my brother and found a funny photo of him. So he said for me to come over some where. He was in the kitchen then he sneaked over to the stair case and he said he would show me a funny photo of ME. Then when i peeked at the stair case he was there and i yelled. Then i started punching him for that . then eventually i calmed down and every thing was normal again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Report card

Last Friday report cards came out. That morning,I wondered what mine would say.
After a lot of work during the school day I put it in my backpack. I hoped that I would get a good 1.
When I read it on the bus my friend Jacob sat next to me on the seat.
When I checked it the papers said I got check plus's.
Oh and the marks you can get are check minus the worst. Check is in the middle and check plus the best. When I got home mom was HAPPY.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sore Arm

Today i had a allergies check-up.  I was not looking forward to this. when i got there there was a bunch of kids playing on devices. We had a long wait and the only few things to entertain me were some baseball posters. When they finally called my name we found out i was 50.4 pounds and 48 inches tall. I sat on a long paper. finally the doctor came in to the room. eventually he gave me a choice. i could either do blood testing or a skin test. I chose blood testing and he told me and my mom to go to the lab. My mom told me it would only feel like a pinch but little did i know it would be the total opposite of what mom described it as. when i got in there it was a 5 minute wait before it started. When it did, it hurt a lot!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Yesterday i went on a very intense ride it was called harry potter and the forbidden journey. It had a 40-45 minute wait. When i got on it wasn't like normal rides we were to the side plus it had a screen. I was scared at 1st but i relaxed when the ride started. i needed to put on my shoes but i only got 1 on before the ride started. The screen started out near some green dust. Then we saw some kind of scary things like a dragon etc. Then we were in the middle of a quiddicth game. Finally we got back to the start  point in the castle were harry and dumbledore congratualates  you. then when you get off you see that your in hogwarts castle.