Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sore Arm

Today i had a allergies check-up.  I was not looking forward to this. when i got there there was a bunch of kids playing on devices. We had a long wait and the only few things to entertain me were some baseball posters. When they finally called my name we found out i was 50.4 pounds and 48 inches tall. I sat on a long paper. finally the doctor came in to the room. eventually he gave me a choice. i could either do blood testing or a skin test. I chose blood testing and he told me and my mom to go to the lab. My mom told me it would only feel like a pinch but little did i know it would be the total opposite of what mom described it as. when i got in there it was a 5 minute wait before it started. When it did, it hurt a lot!


Sarah Robinson said...

Hi Nolan. I liked reading your description of your experience at the doctor's office. I think you are very brave to choose the blood test. Is there a reason you chose the blood test instead of the skin test? I have never had any type of allergy test, so I am curious if there are reasons why you chose the blood test instead of the skin test (for example, do you dislike skin test?). Your thoughts could help inform me if I am ever faced with the same choice you were given. Thank you in advance for your advice.
Even though some things hurt and we have a sore arm, we are still OK and safe, and can feel proud that we made it through an unpleasant event!

Mrs. Diederich said...

Sorry to hear that Nolan! Hopefully, you'll get the results you want to hear!

Lisa Chiu said...

Thank you sarah and the reason why I didn't chose it is beacause it itches. It healed.