Saturday, May 9, 2015

Teacher appreciation week

This week for my school is teacher appreciation week. I must show my teacher a piece of writing to her. Well why don't I show her my blog?so that's what I am doing.dear teacher you are the best teacher in the whole world. Thank you for teaching me.i learned a lot in 1st grade. You are a very fun teacher. All the stuff I learned in writing,reading,math,science,and social studies was fantastic,incredible,great,and fun. All of the stuff helps me ALOT. And I mean it. From Nolan.


Mrs. Diederich said...

Hi Nolan! You are too kind! I appreciate you thinking of me. You're the kind of kid who makes teaching and learning so much fun! I hope you always keep that love of learning growing! I'll miss you next year! Be sure to visit!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nolan,
I hope you are having a fun summer!
:) Mrs. Diederich

Lisa Chiu said...

Thank you mrs. diederich. I like learning and bloging about everything